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Drill Cuttings Management


Our Drill Cuttings Management (DCM) Program for the shale gas industry includes several tasks that are managed by one source. We will address various aspects of your drilling waste including sampling and analyses to on-site solidification, TENORM monitoring, transportation and disposal.


Our management team will submit necessary paperwork for state agency approval of the waste stream in a timely fashion, enabling your operation to proceed without interruption.


NGE provides a single-source solution that allows you to budget your wells with a fixed rate for the DCM program and the convenience of one invoice/ticket per well.


NGE’s Approach to DCM Includes the Following:

  • Waste Characterization Sampling and Analyses
  • State Agency Approvals
  • On-Site Solidification
  • Reagent Distribution
  • TENORM Monitoring
  • Transportation
  • Direct Disposal
Advantages to this Approach Include:
  • Simplified Process
  • Efficient Project Management
  • Fixed Cost
  • Single Source