NGE is on the cutting edge of the latest trends; our clients turn to NGE again and again for environmental and geotechnical engineering assistance.  From the simplest task to the most complex project, our reputation in the industry is impeccable and we maintain high standards of performance and quality across all of our services areas.


Environmental Construction & Remediation

The NGE team has an extensive background in environmental construction and remediation, with considerable experience in the industry. Our team has collective experience in demolition, excavation, and construction and operation of remedial treatment systems.  Our work is performed in strict conformance with all local, state, and federal regulations. Our professionals receive ongoing safety training in current techniques for the efficient and safe completion of all projects.

NGE employs a hands-on approach to each client project with in-depth analysis and timely execution. We gather our most seasoned personnel during proposal development and project initiation to ensure that we develop the most innovative and cost-effective approaches for our clients. Our proven track record features projects delivered safely, on time, and in accordance with our clients' requirements. Core capabilities in this practice area include:

Phase I / II Site Assessments

NGE conducts site assessments, both Phase I and II, under various protocols and state requirements. Typically, Phase I ESA’s involve industrial acquisition projects. Phase II ESA’s have been performed on a variety of sites including redevelopment projects.

Construction of Remedial Treatment Systems
The NGE Environmental Construction and Remediation team has the technical knowledge and experience to implement remedial design plans. Numerous types of remedial systems, such as soil and groundwater treatment, pump and treat, solvent/oil recovery, and sediment stabilization have been successfully constructed by NGE.

Remedial System O&M
Clients across the nation have chosen NGE to provide ongoing operational and maintenance services for long term remediation projects. Through commitment of qualified staff, NGE has demonstrated the ability to successfully manage various types of systems and in combination with our compliance staff, NGE also typically completes the associated environmental reporting requirements.

Management of Environmental Aspects of Facility Construction
NGE has been retained by several industrial clients to manage environmental concerns while they are either opening new facilities, or expanding facilities currently in operation. Through these arrangements, NGE has worked on site development, been responsible for environmental permitting, completed contractor oversight related to environmental matters, and conducted negotiations with regulatory agencies on the facility’s behalf.