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Project Type: Environmental Construction and Remediation

Pipeline Remediation

In mid-December 2017, blended water (70% fresh/30% reuse) was being pumped through a 16-inch HDPE pipeline in preparation for fracturing operations.  Water transfer personnel were alerted to a pipe breach when they immediately noticed a decrease in line pressure and a spike in gallons per minute which resulted in the system being immediately shut down.  It was discovered that a weld failed on a 16-inch HDPE water line, releasing blended water throughout the pipeline area, over an embankment, and down the hillside.  NGE was on-site for complete pipeline remediation within hours to access the spill and approximate the horizontal extent of impacted soils in order to develop a remedial action.

WWTP Pond Cleaning

Sludge in the WWTP accumulates over time and requires periodic removal. NGE staff have been performing the sludge removal, solidification, and disposal for more than five years.

Industrial Wastewater Remediation System Construction and O&M

The treatment system addressed groundwater, storm water and decontamination waters generated during clean-up of this site contaminated with low-level radiation.

Soil Remediation

The objective of the soil remediation was to excavate soils impacted with drilling fluid via signs of stressed vegetation and the measuring of soil electrical conductivity (EC). Remedial activities consisted of excavating impacted soil for off-site disposal and restoration of excavated areas. NGE provided technical assistance in identifying sample locations for the collection of soil samples for on-site field screening and off-site laboratory analysis and the field labor/equipment to remediate impacted areas.

NGE Novel Geo-Environmental, LLC
NGE offers a unique blend of services including geotechnical engineering, in-house drilling crews, laboratory services, environmental compliance, drill cuttings management, remediation, waste management and construction inspection.

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