NGE is an organization that is small enough to focus time on each client but with a depth in talent and resources to successfully complete large and complex projects.  NGE provides superior environmental and geotechnical services at a manageable price  A family oriented work atmosphere has fostered the growth of NGE's staff with the best and brightest talent in the industry.

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NGE was founded in the fall of 2002 by Amy Veltri and John Nottingham, a management team with a combined forty years of industry experience.  The family-based entrepreneurial spirit that defined NGE’s beginnings remains evident in the innovative solutions we deliver to our loyal clients each and every day. Advances in engineering, science and technology, coupled with regulatory, legal, and compliance pressures create increasingly complex challenges for businesses. NGE strives to keep pace with these changes, with an eye to supporting our clients' changing needs.

NGE has grown into a dependable and flexible environmental and geotechnical consulting firm providing a wide range of professional services, including Environmental Consulting, Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Construction / Remediation. With clients across the nation, NGE added a second office location in West Virginia in 2003, and seeks to grow in the future by providing consistent, quality service in a family-oriented atmosphere. 

Since it's inception, NGE has hired and retained the best and brightest talent in the industry.  Our staff have relevant experience and qualifications to complete complex environmental and geotechnical projects. 

NGE’s future is bright as we pursue a course of planned, measured growth to meet the challenge of expansion without diluting leadership or weakening the company's ability to perform. After establishing a solid foundation and longstanding reputation in the region and across the nation as an innovative, sophisticated, forward-thinking
environmental and geotechnical consulting firm, we are proud of our roots and the progressive environment we have created for our dedicated employees.