What is TENORM Remediation?

When Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) is processed, separated, or in some other manner has its radioactivity concentrated (intentionally or unintentionally), it becomes another category of radioactive material called Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM). TENORM is the same group of NORM radionuclides, but has been modified or “technologically enhanced” resulting in a man-made concentration higher than NORM.

Every project is unique due to material consistencies and quantities, site conditions, access, owner preferences, and disposal options. Each of these variables must be considered while developing a closure plan to successfully complete these projects and meet all regulatory compliance requirements.

From the initial TENORM site assessment and waste characterization through work plan development and completion of remedial activities, NGE self-performs every aspect of the work. Transportation and disposal options are managed by NGE to provide you, the client, with a cost-effective, single-source solution.

Health and Safety

Our Radiation Safety Officers provide the required oversight and management for employees to ensure that safety and compliance are the top priorities. NGE’s proven safety record is due to the extensive training that all managers and field personnel are required to complete. All NGE site personnel are monitored quarterly and annually to ensure radiation dosages do not exceed State and Federal guidelines. In addition, all on-site employees are trained in hazardous waste (HAZWOPER), handling of TENORM, respiratory protection, fall protection, confined space, along with CPR and first aid.

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