Construction Monitoring & Inspection Services

NGE offers a range of construction monitoring and inspection services to support a highway, building, and airport projects. NGE has a staff of well-trained and highly experienced construction technicians who work under the supervision of licensed professional engineers. Our technicians are trained and have WVDOH certification in the areas of soil compaction, aggregate, and bituminous materials.

NGE can provide and manage the following construction monitoring and inspection services:

  • Fill placement monitoring and soil compaction testing
  • Concrete sampling and testing
  • Aggregate sampling and testing
  • Examination and verification of foundation bearing soils
  • Pile driving inspection
  • Drilled pier inspection

Cross-Hole Sonic Logging of Drilled Shafts

NGE is experienced with conducting Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) testing to evaluate the integrity of drilled shafts. Our Cross-Hole Analyzer is approved to conduct CSL testing in accordance with ASTM Standard D6760. Typically, our technician conducts the field tests on the drilled shafts and briefly reviews the data to verify that enough information has been collected. The data is then fully analyzed at our office and a final report summarizing the test results is prepared by our registered professional engineer.

Our construction inspection staff will ensure your specific project goals are met competently and efficiently. So you rest assured that you have chosen the most knowledgeable company for the job..

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