Environmental Assistance with EO 100 Certification

Achieving independent certification is a great way to establish a portfolio of responsibly sourced gas or certified natural gas. In the current landscape, energy companies are taking on more responsibility; independent certifications can help demonstrate your environmental stewardship intentions. Equitable Origin has established its certification, the EO 100 Certification, based on its standards and principles for energy development. EO 100 certifications are applicable for renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

Equitable Origin is an independent non-profit organization advocating for responsible natural resource development. They have created a stakeholder-led, independent, voluntary standards system for energy development working with communities, companies, and governments. They hope to promote social responsibility, transparency, and accountability using these standards.

EO 100 Standards revolve around five principles:
  1. Corporate Governance, Accountability & Ethics
  2. Human Rights, Social Impacts & Community Development
  3. Indigenous Peoples’ Rights
  4. Fair Labor & Working Conditions
  5. Climate Change, Biodiversity & Environment

Obtaining EO 100 certification can be a time-consuming task. In addition, navigating the process can be a significant effort as an in-house project. NGE is ready to assist you with the environmental portion of this certification.

NGE has experience assisting clients with the relevant environmental portions of the EO 100 certification, including developing operational controls, identifying significant aspects, waste management plans and other tasks. Contact NGE today to discuss how we can help you achieve the EO 100 certification.


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