ISNetworld, PEC Safety and Avetta Contractor Prequalification Compliance Assistance

Many companies require the use of a third-party prequalification provider to connect with safe, dependable companies that follow government regulations before utilizing them as contractors. The process of getting accepted and ensuring your compliance with ISNetworld, PEC Safety, and Avetta can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

If you need help setting up an account with ISNetworld, PEC Safety or Avetta, or with ongoing account maintenance, NGE can provide prompt assistance.

ISNetworld Member Contractor





NGE can complete your prequalification requirements and keep your account updated as new tasks are required.  We can work with your insurance carrier to obtain and evaluate your certificates of insurance to verify compliance with insurance requirements. NGE also provides customized Safety Program Development and Training Modules to meet your Contractor Prequalification needs. 

Typical Contractor Prequalification Process:

  • Set Up: Collect your account information and set up a login for NGE through your account.
  • Audit: Conduct an audit to gather necessary information.
  • Program Building: NGE will custom write your safety programs for all applicable topics.
  • Complete Submittal: We will complete the questionnaire, by uploading your training documentation, written programs, and requested documents. We will work with your insurance carrier, request exemptions, and variances and submit for the review process.
  • Approval: Achieve an approved rating provided company incident rates, EMRs and citations are within allowable levels.
  • Maintenance: NGE can continue to monitor and make submissions as needed to maintain an approved rating.


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