Why should you choose ISO 45001 for your Safety Management System?

Benefits of ISO 45001

This Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) can become an integral part of an organization’s overall operations and objectives. Enterprises that adopt ISO 45001:2018 as a part of their business practices will be able to better protect their workers, brand reputation, supply chain and future growth on a global level.

Effective OHSMS have been found to:

  • Lower insurance and operational costs
  • Create more efficient use of investments
  • Increase employee satisfaction and morale
  • Save money across the company
  • Build public trust

These benefits can be realized at any company, regardless of the size.

ISO 45001 Improvements

ISO 45001 includes some very important improvements over other OHSAS including:

  • Greater emphasis on worker participation
  • Linking health and safety to business strategy
  • Enhanced role of leadership and management teams
  • An enhanced approach to managing the health and safety of contractors
  • Including health and safety in the purchasing decision-making process
  • Greater emphasis on leadership participation, change management and performance management
  • Increased worker participation and inclusion to better focus on people and their interaction within the workspace

The aim of ISO 45001 is to reduce death, injury, and illness through a structured approach to identifying, assessing and controlling risk, followed by continuous improvement through risk-reduction.

ISO 45001 helps users to manage risk as a business process rather than as a standards approach. One of the key improvements to ISO 45001 includes opportunity management as well as risk management, which supports the continual improvement approach.

Implement a system, not a standard

A true implementation is a structured approach to managing health and safety means implementing a system and not a standard. Organizations that implement a standard tend to focus on compliance and not the effectiveness. The true value of ISO 45001 comes from linking the business strategy to the health and safety management system – not developing a standalone set of documents.

Use ISO 45001 to help manage:

  • Risks and contractors
  • Core and support processes
  • Equipment and people

ISO 45001 will give you the opportunity to not only control but assess and improve, the health and safety of workers. Certification to ISO 45001 gives you the opportunity to identify improvements and further reduce the risk of injury, illness, and death. The standard itself has been written for businesses to identify, assess, manage, and reduce risk.

If you are looking to transition from your current OHSAS or start from the beginning and adopt ISO 45001: 2018, NGE can help you achieve your goals.

We are certified as:

  • ISO 45001 Lead Auditor (TPECS)
  • OH – OH&S Management System (ISO 45001)
  • AU – Management Systems Auditing (ISO 19011:2018)
  • TL – Leading Management Systems Audit Teams (ISO 19011:2018)

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