Pit Closures

Pit Closures

Client: Northeast Natural Energy

The closure of a former pit containing drilling fluids and cuttings from the drilling process was managed by NGE staff on several occasions. Fluids and solids were characterized, managed on site appropriately and disposed of at an approved facility.

NGE staff was contracted to thoroughly clean out a lined pit used for the containment of drill cuttings and fluids. Prior to initiating on-site activities, NGE collected water and sludge samples for chemical analyses to properly characterize the wastewaters. Liquids that accumulated on top of the 200’x60’x15’ pit were vacuumed off using water trucks and taken directly to an industrial wastewater treatment plant permitted to handle oil and gas liquid waste. The remaining saturated material was solidified within the pit with a calcium-based material utilizing a long-reach excavator. Solidified material was then loaded into tri-axles and transported directly to a PADEP approved landfill for direct disposal. Both pit closures had approximately 2,100 tons of solidified material for disposal. Once the material was removed, the liner was cleaned with a pressure washer and rinsate was vacuumed into a water truck for disposal. The liner was then cut out and placed in an open-top roll-off for recycling.

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