RMP/PSM Support for Ammonia Refrigeration Facility

Ammonia Refrigeration Facility

Environmental professionals at NGE provided EPA Risk Management Plan (RMP) and OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) services for a Program Level 3 ammonia refrigeration facility located in West Virginia. 

NGE was responsible for assessing the facility’s process safety needs and providing guidance on PSM requirements, facilitating PHAs, and developing Standard Operating Procedures. NGE worked with facility personnel to ensure everyday activities were adequately captured, documented and compliant with recognized industry standards.

NGE helped to develop the RMP/PSM Program including all documentation and submittals per regulations. As part of the developing the RMP Program, NGE assisted with the following elements:

  • Conducting and documenting the Hazard Assessment and Offsite Consequence Analysis
  • Developing an Integrated Prevention Program (Consistent with the 14 PSM elements)
  • Completing a 5-Year Release History for the facility
  • Assistance with Emergency Action Planning
  • Assistance with the overall Management System to ensure all the Program elements were addressed

As part of the Offsite Consequence Analysis, NGE’s staff assisted the facility in completed dispersion modeling utilizing ALOHA software and applying site specific data and control measures. NGE provided a thorough report of the dispersion modeling, outlining the methodology, assumptions and results for both worst case and alternate scenarios.

NGE also conducted and assisted with required Compliance Audits.  Since the company was a Program Level 3 facility, the Compliance Audit addressed all 14 PSM elements.  NGE documented findings in a written report and worked with facility personnel to develop reasonable solutions to deficiencies.

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